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Related article: tural horses bore testimony to the good work accomplished by the Shire Horse Society and our fore- most breeders. The farm horses were of good appearance and capitally turned out, while the hunters were far in advance of what might have been expected in a county which is not the most famous in England from a riding point of view, while the harness horses were of quite a good stamp. The feature of the afternoon, how- ever, was the display given by Mr. Walter Winans and Mr. Louis W. Winans of their trotters ; they have about thirty between them. The exhibition should certainly do something towards popularising the American trotter and waggon in England. The bicycle and the motor-car ^the latter so long as it lasts unimpaired and in order) are both faster than the ordinary horse, and now that there is a demand for fast travelling, it is difficult to understand why more attention is not paid to these fast horses and light vehicles. Mr. Louis Winans* Moxie, a marvellous mover, trotted a mile on somewhat heavy grass in 2 min. 20 sec. Had he been on a track, he would have covered the dis- tance in ten seconds less. His pacer. Merry Chimes, went round the ring at a tremendous rate, and there is something elegant in pac- ing, the action being like that of a camel, the two legs on the same side moving together ; and pacing, be it remarked, is quicker than trotting. Mr. Walter Winans showed a pair of fast Canadian horses driven tandem fashion. Though not match- trotters, they can do a mile in three minutes, and the Buy Cheap Cefuroxime leader could possibly beat that. Barney F., an exceedingly fast horse, gave an admirable dis- play, driven in a sulky ; and Joe W., a bay horse standing no less than 17 h. 2 in., is the fastest horse in the world standing over 17 hands. He had to be steadied at the sharp turns, but in the straight he strode along in the most remarkable style. He has a tremendous stride, and it is not until he passes the spectator that his great pace is realised. Lake Erie and Princell Purchase Cefuroxime Online made Cefuroxime 500mg a very fast pair. It is unnecessary to say that Order Cefuroxime Online all these American horses had long tails, yet not once did they get over the reins, although in every case, save in that of the tandem, the reins were close to 68 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [July the tails. The display was quite successful and most interesting. Sport at the Univepsities. — Another summer term, and therefore another academical year, has. now run Generic Cefuroxime its course. Very shortly Light and Dark Blues will have once more " scattered like swallows away" to almost every part of the habitable globe. Meanwhile, a very large propor- tion of them will first migrate to London to witness the final sequence of Inter- 'Varsity con- tests to be decided within the next few days. On July 2nd and 3rd the representative lawn-tennis teams will do battle at Queen's Club, and this year the Oxonians should have the rare honour of winning both Doubles and Singles. They hold by far the best record, and (individually and collectively) have shown the greater consistency throughout. It is not that they are a great team particularly, but the Cantabs are much weaker than usual. On July 5th and following days the rival cricket teams contend for supremacy at Lord's, and in this direction also the Dark Blues appear the smart- est and more consistent all-round combination. In batting and fielding there Is no great disparity, albeit the Oxonians have always displayed a general level of ex- cellence, whereas the Cantabs have fluctuated considerably. Still, Messrs. Foster, Bosanquet, Knox, Pilkington Cefuroxime 500 (Oxford), and Messrs. Taylor, Wilson, Daniels and Dowson (Cambridge), must all be labelled dangerous. It is in bowling that the Dark Blues excel and the Light Blues are so weak. In Knox, Bosanquet, Humphreys, Order Cefuroxime &c., Oxford have a fine trio of bowlers ; moreover, of varied style. For Cambridge, Fernie and Dowson are the best bowlers ; and with Hind, they will bear the brunt of the attack. Unhappily, however, their style is almost similar, hence if you thoroughly master one, the others have no terror. Altogether, we consider Oxford the better team, and anticipate their victory with a good deal of confidence. As usual, the tennis competitions proper will be played simultane- ously with the cricket match ; Cefuroxime 500 Mg but, as last year — owing to recent alterations at Lord's — at the Prince's Club. Both teams are fairly strong, but Buy Cefuroxime Online the Cantabs are the smarter in our opinion, and we shall expect them to win. A very close and exciting tussle should be witnessed at Sheen House when the rival cycling teams meet on July 9th. We fancy H. B. Fitzherbert (Oxford) will seriously trouble Messrs. Curtis-Bennett and Engleheart (Cambridge) for premier position in most of the events, but the issue is decided on points. This being so, we shall expect Cam- bridge to win, inasmuch as H. W. Morse (Trinity) is riding with great power this Buy Cefuroxime season also. Of the Inter-'Varsity results as a whole we must chat in our final remarks (for the present year) next month. At Oxford the Summer Eights attracted vast crowds during the week, while the racing was both exciting and fully average. Mag- dalen (stroked by Purchase Cefuroxime Harcourt GoldJ deposed New College of "Head of the River " honours, while Pembroke, Brasenose, University, Oriel, &c., all appreciably im- proved their position. The Uni- versity Sculls were won by W. W. Field (Rossall and Exeter), and the University Pairs by F. W. Warre (Balliol) and T. B. Ether- ington- Smith TOriel), Glorious weather markea the Cambridge ** May's " this year, and vast crowds lined the banks of the I sis on all four nights of the 1900.] " OUR VAN. It 69 racing, which was very exciting and very sound. First Trinity retained "Head of the River" honours, and Peterhouse, Christ's, Third Trinity II., Clare, Jesus, &€., all justified the anticipations